Celebrating Our Midwives

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Today is a special day to celebrate the wonderful work of Midwives across the globe for Day of the Midwife.

How grateful are we to the midwives that helped us in whatever way when we were having our children.

The definition of Midwife is ‘someone who assists in childbirth’ but, to us, they are so much more than this.

Whether it is a home birth, natural birth or a caesarean, the midwives are there helping with every step. They even lend a helping hand calming down the expectant dads. These amazing professionals are ready for every emotion. They manage to keep control of the situation whilst remaining calm and professional at all times.

Every day at their work they experience the beauty that is childbirth and they make each mother feel special and important. Midwives are unsung heroes and today is a day that they are recognised globally.

So thank you to all Midwives.

Please give a shout out below to your midwives.

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