Christmas Shopping Survival Techniques

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Christmas Shopping Survival – we can help!


Here is our “how to” prepare and survive the Christmas shopping and care for yourself…emotionally mentally and physically!

1 Mood Enhancer

So, you have made your list and checked it twice!  Make sure you have popped some mood enhancing remedy on your temples before you leave the house. Our combination of Rosewood which will help lift your mood and boost your immune system when out in the winter elements and Neroli which will help relax you..smells amazing and also roll some on your wrists to give that extra lift.


Christmas preparation is always stressful.  Our De-stress remedy is a wonder…the combination of May Chang and Bergamot will help you. The May Chang will help you clear your anxiety and the Bergamot will uplift you and reduce nervous tension.  Rub some on your temples or wrists..or both and let the light citrus aroma help you.

3 Focus

With so many things to before can be overwhelming and we always seem to get side tracked or forget what we are supposed to be doing. track.  The Rosemary and Bergamot combination in our Focus Rollette will help keep you on track.  Rosemary is there to help your concentration the Bergamot lifts your spirits and makes you feel like you are in control – you are….you’ve got this!


 Geranium and Frankincense will calm you wherever you are in your day.  Geranium calms you and relaxes your nervous system, matched with Frankincense that uplifts you and will help keep you calm and able to carry on.  Its our Keep Calm and Carry On combination


We all get headaches from time to time but before heading for the paracetamol roll on the Headache remedy onto your temples..or even just smell the magical aroma of the Ginger and Peppermint blend. This magical combination will help relieve the tension and ease your headache.

Mothers bath oil

Treat yourself – why wait for Christmas, you work hard, this is a relaxing way to end your day.  The mix of Palmarosa, Geranium and Ylang Ylang will not only benefit your mood it will have wonderful nourishing benefits for your skin. The Palmarosa not only will uplift you emotionally it also helps reduce wrinkles.The Geranium helps regulate your skin as well as calm and relax you..and the aroma of Ylang Ylang is just that little bit of luxury..

Foot Massage oil 

Treat your poor weary feet..They have walked miles to make your Christmas magical..Our Foot Massage oil will make them forgive you

Night Oil

Indulge yourself deserve it..This night oil is packed full of wonderful nurturing  oils to help calm and regenerate your skin while you sleep.

Morning Sickness Balm

Bear with me – its not just for Pregnancy..a dab of this on your temples and  pulse points will help relieve travel sickness headache and nausea..perhaps due to too many Christmassy treats.

10  Muscle Ease Massage Oil

After carrying all your purchases you could treat your tired aching arms and shoulders to a relieving soothing massage with our Muscle ease massage oil..the Niaouli and Fragonia will ease your tired aches and pains and the Rosehip seed oil and calendula with soothe..and you will feel and smell fabulous.

11 Lip Balm

 Protect your lips and  nourish them at the same time..we have 2 flavours to choose from ooh Sophies choice…

12 And Breathe…

After all your preparation and organizing for this Christmas time we here at Mia and Dom hope you all have a magical happy fun time!

Jen Feltham

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