Essential oils and Pregnancy

Essential Oils and Pregnancy by Guest Blogger – Sally Wong

I am delighted to share the following document written for Mia & Dom Organic Skin Care by Sally Wong who loves writing about essential oils, and learned everything she knows from her Grandmother.

During your pregnancy, you may suffer from aches, pains, and daily stresses. If your pregnancy is healthy and things are generally going well other than the normal aches and fatigue that can come with pregnancy, essential oils are completely fine to use and may even help in relieving your troubles. Even though pregnancy is a joyful and exciting time, it places a lot of stress on the body. Essential oils have aromatherapy benefits, which can go a long way in boosting your mood. Your hormones are going through a lot of changes during pregnancy and this can mean moods that are up and down. Essential oils can be a non-invasive, gentle way to perk up your mood.

Dilute Your Oils

Essential oils should be diluted with a base, or carrier oil to be applied to the skin. Essential oils are very potent, so they shouldn’t be used on their own if applying them as part of a massage. Remember that you should be out of your first trimester to have a massage during pregnancy. There are some precautions you should take when using essential oils during pregnancy and these include only using one drop of essential oil when utilizing them in your routine. The oils have been shown to actually reach the placenta, so a very mild use of essential oils is necessary. Avoid using the same essential oil for a long period of time. The oil can build up in your body over time. Always dilute the oil with a base before applying it to skin or adding it to a bath.

Aromatherapy or a Vaporizer

You may also wish to add an essential oil to a vaporizer or diffuser for aromatherapy benefits. Only add one drop of oil and only leave it on for up to ten minutes, as any longer may cause you to experience nausea. During pregnancy, you are highly likely to be extra sensitive to scents, so take it easy with how many drops of oil you add to your essential oil diffuser. Just as you should avoid prenatal massage until you have passed your first trimester, it is best to avoid the use of essential oils until out of your first trimester as well.

Safe Oils During Pregnancy

There are quite a few essential oils that are safe for use in minimal amount (1 drop topically or more drops diluted with a carrier oil. Never ingest orally.) during your pregnancy and these include citrus oils, including tangerine and neroli. These can give a wonderful pep in your step and boost your mood. German camomile is renowned for its calming properties and is a great sleep aid for those restless nights that are commonly experienced during the last months of pregnancy. Common lavender has anti-stress and sleep inducing benefits to give moms-to-be much needed rest before Baby arrives.

Frankincense is touted as a anti-flu aid. Some people like to spray this in the house and believe that it helps to kill off harmful flu germs. Peppermint, black pepper, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, bergamot, and cyprus are also safe for using during pregnancy. In fact, cyprus has been known to help treat those nagging cramps that many women experience. It can also be beneficial at soothing away anxiety during an aromatherapy massage. A few more that are also safe for expectant mothers are spearmint, geranium, and tea tree oil except for during labor. Again, all of these should be used only when out of the first trimester.

Morning sickness can be a real pain during pregnancy, zapping your ability to function during the day because of the extreme nausea you may experience due to morning sickness. Peppermint essential oil is an excellent remedy to help send nausea packing. It can also help headaches that commonly accompany morning sickness. It is sometimes sold in capsule form because it has been studied and shown to be an effective way to treat nausea, headaches, and indigestion.


Many pregnant mothers have concerns about avoiding toxins and chemicals during their pregnancy. Common household cleaning products contain a lot of toxic ingredients. Essential oils work beautifully in homemade cleaning products that are safe and non-toxic. One drop in a vinegar cleaning solution of eucalyptus or tangerine oil, for example, can give your homemade cleaning products a nice fragrance. Tea tree oil is also a good addition, as it is antiseptic.


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My name is Sally Wong and I love writing about essential oils. My grandmother was a fanatic when it comes to oils and I learned (and still do) a lot from her. I have my own blog at where I talk and write about the benefits from essential oils.




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