Nappy Rash – Bottom Balm Review

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This is a review of our Nappy Rash product – the Organic Bottom Balm by Kate from Avocado Events who specialize in Expectant & New Parent events, see below for a link to her Facebook page.
As a fellow parent you will know the nappy rash drill:
1. Baby screams when nappy taken off.

2. Baby screams when baby wipes used.

3. Baby screams when cream applied.
4. Baby screams when nappy back on.
5. Parent needs wine.
And repeat.
I have enough tubes of baby bum cream in the nursery drawer to stock a small pharmacy. All of them work to some extent, but its like you need a chemistry degree and and BTEC in plastering to ease the crazy rash.
There’s the white one. So thick it’s like sticky glue and doesn’t wash off with water. Its like a tattoo that won’t budge. I find it up my nails, on my clothes, everywhere!
Then there’s the yellow one. Similar to above but slightly more neon. And in a tube rather than an industrial tub.
I was losing the plot with the last bout of nappy rash which seemed to be spreading up from her bum to her back (no, it wasn’t chicken pox the doctor told me. It’s just nappy rash. JUST!!).
Then a new little beauty came into my life.
Welcome to the nappy drawer Mia & Dom’s organic Bottom Balm.
Firstly there’s the packaging. A cute little silver tin that’s easy to pop in your bag. Of course there’s also the list of lovely organic ingrdients. But nevermind the tamanu seed oil, would this new ray of light work??
Yes it did.
It went on smoothly, smelt lovely and it didn’t stain my clothes. Oh and it cleared up the bum rash. Tick, tick, tick.
PS It makes an awesome lip balm too. Just remember to use a different finger…
Kate x
Kate set up Avocado Events on maternity leave and runs Expectant & New Parent events.  Her Facebook is page full of advice, offers and support throughout pregnancy and beyond.
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