National Gardening Week

This week is National Gardening week and as much as we love gardening (and we really really do) it also comes with aches and pains from digging and planting and hard dry skin from being out in the elements.

We can help with these

For aches and pains

Use our Muscle Ease Massage Oil…its unique combination of Niaouli and Fragonia both helps soothe warm and relax tired aching muscles…Muscle Ease Massage Oil, Warm & Relax, Organic Botanicals

For rough dry skin 

Soothing Skin Serum

This Serum is packed full of skin-loving botanicals.  This product combines all that is Award winning in our Soothing Skin Salve and adds Rosehip Seed Oil and less Beeswax for use in a pump bottle.

The soothing combination of Tamanu and Safflower Oil encourages wound healing and promotes healthy skin whilst the Rosehip Seed Oil is a widely recognized skin healer.  The serum also has the soothing and healing of the essential oils Lavender and Roman Chamomile making this product a must-have in the skin care cupboard!Soothing skin serum, protect & nourish, organic botanicals

To relax and unwind

Bath Oil 

Pour a few drops of this in your bath at the end of the day and relax.The Palmarosa and Geranium will both relax and soothe and the Ylang Ylang will calm you while rejuvenating your skin.

Happy Gardening!

Jen Feltham

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