Our Skin absorbs whatever we apply to it therefore we should be concerned about the products we use for ourselves and our children.  We choose ingredients to help soothe eczema, nappy rash, stretch marks and morning sickness.

We believe botanical oils (oils derived from vegetables and plants) are under-rated in skin care, in fact we would go as far as saying they are an essential part of all good skin care products. Some call them “carrier oils” but again, this reduces their status and implies that they have little function other than to carry the other ingredients and essential oils.

Vegetable and plant based oils have a huge nutritional potential containing vitamins, minerals and a wide range of Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. So even on their own they are full of skin nourishing properties.

Typically, commercial products contain mineral and other petroleum based ingredients like liquid paraffin. These oils are occlusive, they block the skins natural eliminative process for several days as well as drying out the skin.

We do not want, or need to use these products in our skin care.

Ingredients A-Z

Below is a comprehensive list of all our natural and organic ingredients and why we believe they are worthy of being in our products. Also because we love these ingredients so much in some cases we have given a bit more information just for interest (and we got a bit carried away!)

Almond Oil (Sweet)

A classic mild, semi-fatty oil used for massage. It makes the skin soft, smooth and supple.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Renowned for its deep colour. It’s rich in Omega oils, and is fab for really sensitive and dry skin.

Baobab Seed Oil

This tree is known as the “upside-down tree” and can be between 1000-1500 years old. The oil from the seed improves the elasticity of the skin and cellular regeneration.


We use beeswax to give a thicker consistency to our balms, it provides a natural skin barrier.

Calendula Oil

This is made from the marigold petals, it is excellent for healing scars and damaged skin making it more supple. This is a fab oil for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.

Camelina Oil

This oil has high levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acid. It gives the skin a glossy luminescence and sinks into the skin very fast.

Castor Oil

A very sticky, but useful oil as it improves lubrication and sinks into skin very slowly.

Cocoa Butter

This butter comes from the cocoa bean and gives softness, nourishment and protection to the skin. It melts at skin temperature making it ideal in body balms.

Ginger Essential Oil

This essential oil has a familiar hot, sweet and spicy aroma. It can help to relieve feelings of travel sickness, morning sickness and nausea.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is the most versatile and well used of all the essential oils, its lack of toxicity making it valuable for every day use for all the family. Its familiar, fresh, floral, sweet fragrance calms and relaxes.

We could write a whole website about the benefits of this all rounder but suffice to say it is useful in various skin conditions as it is anti-bacterial and gentle enough for baby skin and blends well with our other oils.

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli oil is produced from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. It has an exquisite, floral, sweet fragrance which is powerful yet also light and refreshing.

Neroli is both calming and uplifting which produces an overall effect of relaxation. The oil has very low toxicity and its rejuvenation properties make it useful for preventing stretch marks. Enhances maternal well being.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

A profoundly soothing and calming essential oil. Its aroma is sweet and herbaceous with a fruity undertone. It is well known for treating skin inflammation conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities make it ideal for use with children and adults alike.

Rose hip Seed CO2 Extract

This active ingredients contains good levels of Omega 3 and is especially good for sensitive skin.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

OK, we admit it this in one of our favourite oils. Harvested from the seeds of the rose bushes predominately grown in Chile, Rose hip seed oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to hydrate dry, itchy skin, while reducing scars and fine lines.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, which helps to protect against environmental risks and sooth the skin. We use Organic, Cold pressed Rose hip seed oil as an ingredient as its benefits are superior to other, more commonly used oils.

Safflower Oil

This is also know as Thistle Oil, but that doesn’t sound like something you would want to massage into your babies skin! However, it is an excellent source of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids (also known as Vitamin F) as they can make up over 80% of the oil content. It is quite dry and sinks into the skin easily.


The Shea Tree grows on the Savannah in several West African countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Mali. The tree can grow to be 20-25 metres high and the first fruits appear after 8-12 years although it can continue to bear fruit for up to 150 years! Each tree produces approximately 50kg of fruit every year. The Shea tree’s fruit (and its stone, or nut) is an important raw material for West Africa and for hundreds of years the local people have used it for food, medicinal, decorative and cosmetic purposes and as a protection against the sun and bad weather. We use the butter which is made from the stones of the fruit in our products.

Shea Butter

This butter melts at skin temperature and moisturises the skin. It also contains phytosterols which stimulate cell renewal.

Shea Butter Oil

This is the oily part of shea butter but has the same properties. Good for moisturising, protecting and nourishing the skin, especially dry and damaged skin.

Spearmint Essential Oil

A deliciously sweet and fresh minty aroma used in very small doses in our morning sickness balm to ease nausea.

Tamanu Oil

It gives a lovely shine and glow to the skin. It is great at encouraging wound healing and promoting the growth of healthy skin. Great used on blemished skin and gentle enough for baby bottoms. It has a slight spicy oriental fragrance.

Vitamin E

This simulated Natural Vitamin E starts to activate once added to our product, thereby preventing the oxidation of the product. When that product is applied to the skin, the Simulated oil activates again and acts as an antioxidant in the skin, which protects against the destruction of the connective tissue caused by free radicals.

The information published here is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. When making any decisions regarding your personal health, or that of your childs, please consult your General Practitioner or Health Care Provider.

Whilst we have obviously done our upmost to provide correct information, there may be errors. We are unable to accept liability or responsibility for any use or misuse of the ingredients mentioned on this website.

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