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“At last, an eczema cream that works. After years of trying every product on sale and prescription ‘cures’ this seems to be the answer to getting rid of the eczema on my face.”

Catherine - May 04, 2016

One for all age groups, this action packed salve is ideal for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or any dry, sore and itchy skin condition – without stinging!

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This is where the business began… I made this salve for my son Doms eczema and it calmed the redness, didn’t sting and soothed the itching on his skin. Our Soothing skin salve has been developed for all skin types. The soothing combination of Tamanu and Safflower Oil encourages wound healing and promotes healthy skin whilst the Rosehip Seed Oil is a widely recognised skin healer.  The salve also has the soothing and healing of the essential oils Lavender and Roman Chamomile making this product a must have in the skin care cupboard!

  Suitable For All Age Groups.

  Great for:  Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.

  No Sting Formula.

  100% Natural Ingredients.

  Non-Steroidal Relief.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

“At last, an eczema cream that works. After years of trying every product on sale and prescription ‘cures’ this seems to be the answer to getting rid of the eczema on my face.”
Catherine - May 04, 2016
“This is really lovely stuff. My dry, paper-like hands are nearly back to normal and the itchy patches on my legs have almost cleared up – after just a couple of applications. It absorbs really nicely without the greasiness or tacky feeling you get from other creams.”
Beck - February 29, 2016
“An absolute hidden gem. I bought 3 pots of this after meeting Jennifer at a Christmas fair. One for my daughters eczema, and one each for my father and sister’s girl friends Psoriasis. We are all totally flabbergasted at the results. This stuff works. It really works. It’s a little pot of miracle. We cannot recommend it enough.”
Amy Shannon - February 28, 2016
“My little boy has suffered with eczema since he was 3 months old. Any doctors visit resulted in yet more steroid cream which no longer seems to work. 12 hours after using the skin salve the redness had calmed and 48 hours later the cracked parts had begun to heal- something the steroids couldn’t solve. Miracle stuff!”
CT - February 27, 2016
“My teenage daughter suffers with her eczema, especially with exams stress she had a flare up. After 48 hours of using the soothing skin salve the redness has gone and the itching has eased. Thank you so much this, I can highly recommend this product.”
M Smith - May 26, 2015
“This was recommended by a friend who knew my little boy was suffering with his eczema. Its fabulous ! no more tears and burning and no reddening of the skin. He asks me to put it on whenever he feels the itch and his skin looks healthy once again . Cannot recommend enough.”
Diane - April 30, 2015
“Lovely easy to use balm. Great on my 18 month old really dry skin. Fab smell and non greasy. He tries to apply it himself!”
Caroline Naidoo - April 15, 2015
“I have suffered for some time with a persistent rash on both my arms and legs. No prescription recommendation products have been successful. My wife suggested I tried the Mia&Dom skin care product “Soothing Skin Salve”. After only two weeks I saw a great improvement, and now the rash has gone completely. I am continuing to apply the Salve once a week as I have only used half of the product. I can now wear short sleeve shirts again thank’s to you wonderful product.”
J.Arnold Mr. - March 27, 2015
“A wonderful product for soothing sore, dry and cracked skin. My little boy was a very reluctant customer after previous attempts at providing relief to his burny, stingy hands had resulted in poor results and increased irritation in some cases. With Mia & Dom Soothing Skin Salve we had results within 24 hours and his skin was clear within 48. Application is easy, I use it everywhere, on all the family now and love that we have found an all natural, all organic product that works so, so well. Thanks indeed!”
Kate - March 26, 2015
“We used this on one of my sons who has chronic eczema and super sensitive skin.He found immediate is a little pot of gold for helping soothe and relieve sore skin.It has a lovely natural smell and was not sticky or greasy to apply.Being organic is a wonderful bonus and will definitely be sticking with it now we have found something that works.”
L Mortimer - February 26, 2015
Safflower seed oil, Sunflower seed oil, Castor seed oil, Tamanu seed oil, Beeswax, Marigold flower extract, Vitamin E, Rose hip seed extract, Lavender Essential oil, Roman Chamomile Essential oil, Rosemary leaf extract. This product contains the same ingredients as the Bottom Balm.