Rosemary and your Brain

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Not only is rosemary an excellent ingredient in chicken and lamb Mediterranean dishes, the herb has long been used for medicinal purposes for its brain and memory supercharging properties. In fact, rosemary was once prized by the Greeks for its brain-boosting qualities. Rosemary is a wood-like herb in the mint family with evergreen needles that resemble those of a pine or Christmas tree. It is very well known (you probably have some growing in your garden or local park) and it has many mental and physical benefits such as being good for Alzheimer’s, reducing inflammation and boosting memory which is what I am going to write about today.

With exams just around the corner for students all over the country, this essential oil is key to help with revising and reciting during this time. The primary action of Rosemary is in the circulatory system. It increases the blood flow to the brain and nervous system which helps to increase your memory. This also helps with keeping alert and maintaining concentration so it is good to have in around you when you are working or revising. A couple of weeks ago when the exam season was just kicking off, we wrote a blog filled with our tried and tested top tips for keeping calm during the exam period, something for both parent and child!

And it is not just students that this is useful for. Anyone struggling to concentrate can use the scent as a tool to stop procrastinating. Perfect for those days when you just can’t stop reading articles, making endless cups of tea, or scrolling through social media!

Alongside boosting your brain power, the herb can also be used as an excellent tool in easing tension headaches and migraines. At this time of year with the stress of exams affecting our children so much, headaches and migraines are much more frequent. And that is for us parents as well as our children! Don’t forget to keep an eye on your own wellbeing as tensions in the households are on the rise.

Our Focus Remedy Rollette has Rosemary in it and is perfect pick me up for all struggling to keep focused during the day. It is especially great for students of all ages at this time of year getting through exams and revision.

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