Stress Relief for Revising and Exams

Lynn has a teenager studying for GCSEs and would like to share some tips and tricks on relieving stress for exams and revision.

How to survive as a mother during exam season (and help your teens at the same time!)

We all remember how stressful the exam period can be and watch our children go through the same experience during their GCSE’s and A Levels. Our home is filled with exam stress at the moment…

We want to help our teens with their preparation and make sure they are as ready as they can be without adding too much stress to this already stressful time for them. Trying to find the right balance between enough support and the right amount of encouragement to their studying is always difficult.

Here are our tips and tricks for a smooth exam period (as it can be) that we have covered to at least make us feel in control!

1) Organise them. Make sure they have everything they need books, pens, “post its,” highlighters etc (so they have NO excuse as to why they can’t start)

2) Make sure they have the right area and lighting to study to help prevent eye strain and headaches

3) Provide plenty of snacks and drinks which goes well with our next point…

4) Make sure they also take breaks to avoid burnout!

5) Listen to them if they come to you and if they need emotional support…

6) It’s such an overwhelming pressure pot they are in just now, so if all else fails…dance it off! A crazy 5-minute dance off with you and them will help relieve the stress and add some smiles…and happy memories!

Cheeky Plug moment
We also would recommend our Remedy Rolls for you and your teenagers to help ease the moment, designed to fit in the bag or pocket and used whenever the need arises:

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Good luck to all whose children are sitting their exams (and their parents),


Jen Feltham

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