The Benefits of Essential Oils and Autism

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It is currently Autism Awareness Week, 26th March – 2nd April and here at Mia and Dom we are directly involved in a person with Autism’s life, and see how he copes with the daily struggles of life that other people wouldn’t even think twice about! Raising awareness of Autism is very important.

One of my sons is 16 and has a Diagnosis of Aspergers, a form of Autism. Every day is a sensory nightmare for him. Sounds, smells and particularly visual stimulants can be overwhelming for him.

For the last few years, we have used natural essential oils in his life to help relax, calm or de-stress him.

Ways we have Used Essential Oils

There are various ways you can use essential oils around the house,

  • Some have been just in a room vapouriser or in an oil burner.
  • Scented Candles with essential oils (not fragrance oils) are always on the go in our house.
  • Massage oils on pulse points and back of neck
  • Bath products to help relax mind and body
  • Remedy rollers (perfect for travelling as they fit perfectly in pockets)

Our Top 10 Essential oils

We have a list of 10 Essential oils we have found to be the most beneficial for helping relax, calm and de-stress life.

Frankincense – helps to stay focused and reduces stress

Vetiver – helps relax and calm, allowing you to then concentrate on a task

Lavender – helps to calm and reduce anxiety as well as improve sleep

Sandalwood – helps relax and calm

Peppermint – has a cooling and clearing effect so helps calm and can help focus

Bergamot – a relaxing calming oil that helps reduce stress and anxiety and uplifts the spirits

Chamomile – one of the best at helping fight stress and anxiety

Neroli – a soothing oil that is one of the most effective anti-depressant oils

May Chang – Helps uplift mood and helps relax so good at bedtime to help with sleep

Ylang Ylang – Natural antidepressant so helps uplift  and reduce anxiety

*All Essential Oils must be combined with a carrier oil*

As a part of Autism Awareness week, we will be donating 20% off all profits made to The National Autistic Society when you use the following Discount code  “Autism” at the checkout.

To find out more about Autism Awareness Week please follow the link below.

Let us know if you have found any particular essential oils that have worked for your family.


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