The Benefits of Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil is derived from the Seville Orange Tree. It has a distinctive sweet and floral smell and many benefits too. It has therapeutic properties such as calming and mentally uplifting, the main action of this oil is on the nervous system as it helps target exhaustion and anxiety, whilst also helping aid sleep and relaxation.

Another thing about Neroli is that it has a low toxicity meaning it is rejuvenating. This makes it useful for treating dry or ageing skin. Applying this during pregnancy can reduce stretch marks and keep your skin nice and smooth. It is non-irritant and non-toxic meaning it is also safe for young babies and children and it features in our products for all of these reasons.

Here at Newby Hall in Yorkshire, we chose to include ingredients with multiple benefits as it helps to combat more than just one issue at a time meaning you or your babies skin will heal fast!

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I will regularly be featuring an essential oil on our blog as we use many varieties in our products and we love to share our knowledge with our readers.

Mia, From M&D team

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